Welcome to the website of the Maritime Retirement Scheme (MRS).

We are an industry-based scheme providing retirement and other benefits to workers in the waterfront and seafarer industries throughout New Zealand.

MRS was formed in 2016 as an amalgamation of the Seafarers Retirement Fund and the Waterfront Industry Superannuation Fund.  The MRS also offers a separate Maritime KiwiSaver Scheme (MKS) which was also formed in 2016 as an amalgamation of the Seafarers KiwiSaver Scheme and the Waterfront Industry KiwiSaver Scheme.  Together these schemes are known as the Fund.

MRS provides benefits to members in the event of retirement, death, total and permanent disablement, sickness or injury, redundancy and resignation.  MKS is governed by the provisions of the KiwiSaver Act.

The Fund is governed by up to ten Trustees of whom up to four are appointed by the Maritime Union of New Zealand and up to are four appointed by the employers of waterside workers and seafarers.  These Trustees appoint an independent chairman and a licensed independent trustee.

If you wish to become a member of MRS and/or MKS, to apply for your benefits or make any changes regarding your account, please complete the relevant form (see the Forms page).

For further information about the Fund contact us here.


Fund Updates for MRS (for current year 2023 and prior year 2022) are available here

Fund Updates for MKS (for current year 2023 and prior year 2022) are available here

Your Account

Member accounts are updated as at the end of each month once the monthly earnings rate has been declared. This is usually on or around the 20th of the next month.


Due to a website issue, the April 2024  statements are not yet online.  These will be loaded as soon as we can do it.


The May 2024 statements are expected to be available online by 20 June 2024.



Please ring on 0800 947 357 if you require information/documentation regarding your account.



If you want to know your account balances and/or transactions on your account please log in using your member number and password.

If you have any queries regarding your account please contact the Administration Manager at maritime@mjw.co.nz or 0800 947 357.

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