Financial Planning

Financial Planning For Your Retirement

It is widely accepted that as more and more New Zealanders move towards retirement age there is less and less chance of the state providing adequate support for retirees. That’s why it’s so important for you to financially plan for your retirement.

The amount of retirement savings you will need for retirement will depend on your individual financial circumstances and the lifestyle to which you aspire for your retirement. The Trustees encourage you to set a retirement saving target and make contributions to your account at a contribution rate sufficient to achieve your target. The earlier you start to save for your retirement the easier it will be to achieve your target.

To assist you set your retirement saving target and determine the rate at which you need to contribute to achieve your target, the Trustees have prepared a financial planning guideline. In setting your retirement savings target and determining your contribution rate you may wish to consult a financial adviser.

Managing Your Retirement Savings

It is expected that you will have accumulated substantial savings in your account by the time you retire.  At that time, apart from New Zealand Super and any other income you may have from other sources, you will be reliant on your retirement savings for your weekly income.  You will then need to manage your retirement savings so that hopefully they last for the rest of your life and so that they provide you with a regular income.

So that your retirement savings continue to be managed efficiently and professionally the Fund allows you to defer your benefits and make regular monthly withdrawals from your account.  To assist you to determine the amount of monthly withdrawals which your retirement savings will support the Trustees have prepared a deferred benefit guideline.  Again, in deciding whether to defer your benefits and make regular withdrawals you may wish to consult a financial adviser.