Documents and Publications


The following are the key documents governing the Fund:

Trust Deeds

The MRS and MKS Trust Deeds are the legal documents governing MRS and MKS. They provide the basis for membership, contributions and benefits, stating how the Trustees will operate their stewardship of the schemes.

MRS Trust Deed – 3MB

MRS Trust Deed Amendment – July 2021 – 3MB

MRS Trust Deed Amendment – April 2024  – 2MB

MKS Trust Deed – 3MB

Product Disclosure Statements

The Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) provide information on the schemes.

Copies of the PDSs can be obtained from the Administration Manager free of charge.

Maritime Retirement Scheme – Product Disclosure Statement (dated 7 November 2022)

Maritime KiwiSaver Scheme – Product Disclosure Statement (dated 7 November 2022)

Other Material Information

The Other Material Information documents (OMI) contain other material information not included in the PDSs.

Maritime Retirement Scheme Other Material Information (dated 19 May 2021)

Maritime KiwiSaver Scheme Other Material Information (dated 18 May 2021)

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives

The Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) contains information on the investment beliefs and policies that guide the Trustees’ investment decisions.

Maritime Retirement Scheme SIPO (February 2024)

Maritime KiwiSaver Scheme SIPO (February 2024)


The following publications are promulgated by the Trustees:

Annual Reports

Each year the Trustees produce an annual report. That report reviews the operation of the Fund over the year, sets out what has been achieved and summarises the results. The Annual Report includes both statutory information and financial statements about the operation of the Fund in the year.

Annual Reports

Financial Statements

Each year the Trustees produce audited financial statements.

Annual Accounts

Fund Updates

Each year the Trustees produce a Fund Update for each portfolio in the MRS and the MKS. These documents summarise the performance of each portfolio in a standard format.

Fund Updates


Twice a year the Chairman prepares a newsletter to members.

Newsletter January 2024

Newsletter July 2023

Newsletter February 2023

Newsletter August 2022

Newsletter August 2021

Newsletter March 2021

Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter November 2018

Newsletter July 2018

Newsletter 1 Nov 2016