Member Choices

Scheme Choice

You have the choice of joining either MRS or MKS, or both. If you decide to join both you will need to complete two (2) forms – MRS and MKS.  You need to specify on the application forms how you wish your contributions to be split between the schemes.

Portfolio Choice

The Scheme has three investment choices – Growth, Balanced and Conservative.

Unless specifically advised, your contributions will be invested in the Balanced portfolio.  If you wish to invest in the Growth or Conservative portfolios please contact the administrator.  The PDS provides details of the risk and return expectations of these portfolios and the SIPO sets out their target asset allocations. At any time you can shift your savings between these portfolios.

The Trustees have prepared a guideline to assist you make your portfolio choice. Before making your portfolio choice you may wish to consult a financial adviser.

Contribution Rate

Your contributions to the Scheme will be deducted from your pay each week and sent to the Fund. Contributions to MRS are sent to the Scheme directly via your employer while contributions to MKS are sent to the Fund via IRD.  On receipt these contributions are credited to your account.

The rate at which your employer will contribute is generally determined by your employment agreement.

Notwithstanding the rate at which your employer will contribute under your employment agreement,  you can specify the rate at which you wish to contribute.  You may wish to contribute at a higher rate than the rate which your employer will subsidise your contributions depending on your retirement savings target and the rate at which you need to contribute to achieve this target.  NOte that the employer will not match the higher amount.

The Trustees have prepared a financial planning guideline which may assist you to determine your contribution rate.  Again, in determining your contribution rate you may wish to consult a financial adviser.

If you are a Waterside Worker your minimum contribution rate is 4% of your gross taxable earnings and employers will generally match your contributions up to 7% of your gross taxable earnings.  To qualify for the additional death benefit you need to contribute to MRS at the minimum rate of 4% unless you are also a member of MKS in which case you need to contribute at a minimum rate of 3%.

If you are an Ordinary Seafarer Member your minimum contribution rate is 4% of earnings and your employer is required to contribute a minimum of 8% of your earnings.  These contribution rates may be reduced by any contributions you and your employer makes to MKS or any other KiwiSaver scheme.  Notwithstanding these minimum contribution rates, higher contribution rates may be agreed in the employment agreements of participating employers.

As a MKS member, to attract the maximum KiwiSaver annual Government Contribution of $521.43 you need to contribute not less than $1,042.86 to MKS in each financial year.